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Next scheduled meeting: Saturday November 13th, 2021

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This month's SPECIAL event:

Yvonne Smith


Abductions, The Family Connection and Messages of Changes Coming

After lifelong experiences with non-human entities, Experiencers are feeling a sense of “urgency” … “something is going to happen soon.” But what? Does the future look dim, or is there light at the end of the tunnel? How will this affect us personally? How will our society be affected? Does it mean Disclosure…or will it only deepen the mystery? Will this change bring the respect, dignity and acceptance abductees finally deserve, or will ridicule continue to blind us from our transforming world?

Yvonne is the author of Coronado: The President, The Secret Service and Alien Abductions, a true account about a mass abduction which occurred in 1994 and her latest book, Chosen: From the Alien Hybrid Program to the Fate of the Planet. In these books, Yvonne has taken the time to reveal explicit and dramatic transcripts of clients’ describing during hypnotherapy, their recollections of alien encounters and abductions.


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