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Please note: Due to recent COVID-19 concerns, David Marler will be rescheduled for a later date, TBD.

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Location: City of Centennial Eagle Street Facility 7272 S. Eagle St. 80112

Saturday February 12th, 2022 1-4pm

Special Guest:

Ella LeBain


Overcoming the Traumas of Alien Abductions

Ella has been an ET Experiencer since the age of two, she's a UFO/USO Witness, Researcher & Author of Who's Who in the Cosmic Zoo? A 6-book series Discerning Disclosure of ETs, Aliens, Exoplanets & Space Controversies.

Ella a retired Paralegal of 25 years, who now uses her investigative, research and writing skills to get to the Truth about "who" the Aliens and ETs are, by connecting dots to our ancient past with present day experiences.

Her experiences with Aliens began at age 2, and continued throughout most of her adult life, until her Near Death Experience in Colorado in February of 2010, which changed her paradigm and perspective. She will be sharing what happened which influenced her research causing her publishing to change direction and why.

Her journey as a UFO/USO Researcher began in the early 1990s, when she hosted a local radio show in Florida exploring alien abductions and questioning where all the milk carton kids are? After 3 months of weekly one-hour broadcasts, she was literally pulled off the air, and beaten up for trying to raise awareness. Her injuries took well over a decade to recover from, which led her to move to Colorado in 1996 to heal and write her books.

From early childhood throughout her late thirties, she was consistently abducted during her sleep, experienced regular episodes of sleep paralysis, and from early childhood to age 25, experienced intense needle phobia. She realized in her early thirties she was being used as an incubator for the Alien-Human Hybrid program. Going through multiple miscarriages along the way, it wasn't until October of 1995, that the bleed over between dimension happened and a gray Alien showed up at the feet of her bed, during a moment of consciousness while she was experiencing the pain of a miscarriage that was documented in the local hospital’s emergency room.

Earlier that same year she witnessed a USO emerge about 100 meters off the coast of the Gulf of Mexico on Indian Rocks Beach, Florida. 1995 was the year she started to wake up to what was happening to her. That night, after sunset, she wasn't alone in what she saw, as the local MUFON got approximately 350 calls from witnesses who also saw this same silver disk shaped craft, the size of a football field, appear along the beaches of Gulf Blvd.

As a result of her personal experiences and close encounters, she has a developed a slightly different perspective on what's happening to Abductees, Experiencers and to Earth Humans.

Ella was born 1-28-1961 as the only child of a mixed marriage, something shunned upon in the 1950s and early 1960s by both sides of her families. Orphaned at the age of 6 and again at age 15, left somewhat vulnerable in the world, she was sent to Israel to complete her education, where she will share her experiences witnessing strange craft coming and going in the middle of the Negev desert during the mid-1970s which culminated with a close encounter of the ultimate kind in July of 1979, right after her graduation and matriculation, when a glowing man who appeared to her in broad daylight.

Ella was recently asked by MUFON Israel to write articles sharing her writings, research, and experiences for their magazine, which will be translated into Hebrew for MUFON Israel members (in the works).

After her graduation from Israel, she spent 2 years working in South Africa counseling teens right before the end of apartheid and will share her supernatural experiences with whom she believes were Human Angels aka Extradimensional beings that appeared and disappeared, saving her from a potential tragedy.

Ella’s been working on her testimony of her supernatural experiences, which is being prepared for publication, titled, “CinderElla’s Shadow,” expected to be released in 2023-24.

However, her research already published in her book series since 2012, focuses on connecting dots from ancient records, exposing Extraterrestrials in Biblical Prophecies.

She finally had her 1st and only human child at age 39 in March of 2000, who is now a college grad, who will soon leave the nest. To protect her daughter, Ella chose to withhold her personal story from her book series, until her daughter was grown up to handle it and was finished with school because she didn't want other kids mocking or bullying her daughter for what her mother experienced. This is her year of "coming out" as Ella feels it's now safe to share her close encounters with the public and she is delighted to share her stories in a bit more depth, with her friends and fellow members who make up Colorado MUFON.

Her presentation will include photos and illustrations, and her books will be available at a discounted rate for COMUFON members.


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