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Next meeting: Saturday June 10th, 2023.

1:00 PM - 4:00 PM.

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Special Guest Speaker:

Debbie Ziegelmeyer


Are Underwater UFOs Visitors or Colonists?

Alien life forms have been traveling to our planet for centuries. Sightings of unknown objects coming in and out of or hovering over bodies of water are being reported by sea captains and pilots both private and military, vacationers, oceanside residents and many others. Our planet has been a place of interest by other worldly beings for centuries. Is harvesting food, minerals, bio samples, or hydrogen on their agenda or do they seek something more permanent? Putting aside motive, history has shown us that these travelers are not making trips through time, dimensions, or great distances for a mere overnight stay; the intent has been long-term.

Debbie Ziegelmeyer joined MUFON in 2000. She is currently a MUFON Star Team Investigator, Missouri State Director, a member of the MUFON Business Board of Directors, the Functional Director of Underwater Research and Recovery and co-founder of the MUFON Dive Team. Debbie has been a Roswell 1947 crash investigator for over 25 years, and an annual Roswell, NM July Festival speaker. In 2021 Debbie released her first book “The Alien Colonization of Earth’s Waterways”, and this past April released her second Book “The 50th Anniversary of the SE Missouri Ozarks UFO Flap”.

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June: Debbie Ziegelmeyer – Underwater UFOs

July: Picnic-in-the-park (3rd annual)

August: Barry Roth – International UFO sightings

September: Margie Kay – Flying Humanoids and Fast Walkers

October: Sam Maranto – Mass Sightings of Areal Phenomena an Extraterrestrial Hypothesis and the Social Response

November: Simeon Hein – Remote Viewing along with a workshop session

December: Holiday party

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